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About Samarpan Occupational & Speech Therapy Clinic

Samaparan is one of the finest clinics for Occupational therapy as well as for Speech therapy in Delhi. There have been many complex cases which our clinic have to come up with and we have to be confident in what treatment we are offering to our patient at our clinic. Under the guidance and support of Mr. Umesh Kumar along with his team they have been able to provide extraordinary treatment for those kids who have been suffering from unique possible as we had a kid who was suffering from diseases like Autism and our clinic was able to provide that kid a treatment at affordable as well as effectively and they were happy with that result of their kid. Our clinic is able to help you kid improve their read, write and learning skills with help of occupational therapy. Samarpan is able to proper treatment according to a calendar and our daily schedule which help kids through different development activities.

The chronicle of Samarpan health services was established in the year 2000 with a motive of helping kids who are suffering from different kind of problem within society. Samarpan is capable of providing right medication to kids with varying disabilities by building their confidence about their own potential within them. Our reliable occupational therapy along with rehabilitation facilities which are been provided in our clinic has always helped many kids to live their own life with more confidence as well as with respect. Our team of highly qualified are able to provide excellent experience at Samaparan occupational and Speech therapy clinic in Delhi. Our team at Samarpan are able to work together by which they are able to keep equal attention to their patient needs.