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WelCome To Samarpan Occupational & Speech Therapy Clinic

Samarpan Occupational & Speech Therapy Clinic is a rehabilitation place for that individual who has issues with their disability. Due to disability wide range of areas can be affected such as; communication, cognition, socialization, education etc. As a result, an individual with disability issues needs a more support as well as help to develop their life skills. Our clinic has a strong motive for helping kids and adults by offering them with additional support so that we are able to help them develop their life and give more value to it. Our clinic also works on positive motivation along with encouragement to improve their lost skills so as to make them a more functional member of the society.

The aim of our clinic is to offer therapy which can give better possible outcome to our patient which can help you to grab the opportunity of been socialized, communication, productivity and a stately quality of life. Further, a most important objective of our clinic is to ensure our patient is recovering from its condition and our patient doesn't face any relapse again, so to avoid that our team personally teach family member so that they are able to provide activities within the home through a various home training program. Our team also advised them to re-assessment so that we are able to track our patient's progress time to time.